New Edublogs tool to create blogs for students

I like the new feature to allow teachers to easily create blogs for students now available in Edublogs. I would have liked it even more if it were possible to put together a csv file and author a series of blogs in this way – it would make it that much quicker now that most teachers have a spreadsheet for student details in a class.

The new blog creation tool would be useful for creating a class set of blogs, let’s say 30, but I can’t see a teacher creating one for each student in the 8 classes they teach.  I’m guessing that in these instances you’ll be looking to use a class blog.  It could be a good detention punishment though.

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  1.   James
    March 11th, 2008 | 9:46 pm      

    Heh, not a bad idea for a detention ;)

    You can use a csv file in Edublogs Campus – but allowing that in Edublogs at the moment could be a nightmare!

    We will look into it though.

    Cheers, James

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